I invite you to my world

Pictures express your interior. They talk about you more than you would say. The picture is the best decoration of your interior space, and a way to say something about yourself. The picture is also a window, the window of your imagination. During a difficult day, you can escape to your own world for a moment. Maybe you’ll like something from my finished work, maybe I can just create something especially for you.
Acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolors, ready and on order, in non-standard dimensions, small and large, colorful and subdued. Nature, people, portraits. What would you like to see when you wake up? What would you like to see by looking away from the monitor? In the office? Living room? The bedroom?
And if you can’t decide, send me a photo of your interior. I will send them back from you with visualiation of the picture. You will see and decide.

My paintings are a photograph of dreams. Next acts of the same, never-ending spectacle, in which the main roles play the truth and lie, joke and sadness, me and not-me. Pictures balancing on the edge of dreams steal their color and then the dreams become faded and the reality is filled with colors. Kaleidoscope, in which the world like colorful pebbles is arranged in unique compositions, reflected and multiplied in the imagination. Even the slightest movement can change everything.

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